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For more than 50 years, H. O. Schlüter GmbH has been synonymous with quality and innovation in the fields of metal construction and plastics construction. By specializing in windows, doors and facade elements, we can implement standardized solutions as well as individual project ideas for our customers.

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Aluminium and steel are the building materials of the future. We work for you with these materials.

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Plastics construction

Plastic is the all-rounder for all requirements.

We convert your individual ideas into constructive applications with plastic.

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Well planned is half-win: We have a very high understanding of individual, technically complex requirements and can design them very reliably. From construction drawing to costing.


We do it ourselves: Our modern, high-performance production facilities make us a valuable partner for your projects in all our business areas. Especially when it is to be fast and individual.


Anyone who says A should also be able to say B: We are not content to supply you with the finished products and thus the components for your project. We also take care of the assembly. With our hard-working teams of professional fitters.



With us, you are on the safe side: we are convinced of the quality of our performance and our products. However, we will remain at your side on request even when your construction project has been completed. With fair maintenance contracts to preserve value.


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H. O. Schlüter GmbH

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H. O. Schlüter GmbH

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H. O. Schlüter GmbH

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